Use your camera to Explore

Whether you are traveling or in your home town, you can always discover something new.

We help you bring the outside world into the online work through your camera

Translate anything directly from your camera

Just point your camera to the text that you want to translate and we translate it for you in more than 100 languages

Detect Landmarks, objects and products

Have you wondered what's that weird looking building in downtown? Just point your camera at it and we give you all the information including upcoming events!

Detect any object or context and chat with your community

Bored and don't know what to do? Just point your camera around and we put you in touch with our Tribes so you can chat and interact about what matters you the most

Wherever you need us the most

Expand the horizons of your camera and discover what is around you!

Chat with your Tribes

Point your camera to your surroundings and we will recommend you the right Tribe to chat with

Use your camera to find likeminded people

How exciting would it be if you can chat of anything that you want with people like you!

  1. Join a Tribe and choose the subject that you want to talk about
  2. Find interesting stuff about the things that you like the most
  3. Engage with an awesome community that cares about the things that you do

Discover new Tribes just by swiping the camera

Your camera transforms into the most exciting place to find new and interesting topics

  1. Search for Tribes that you are interested about
  2. Have a question? Use the Tribes to get help from the community
  3. Explore the world around you and share it with all of us

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